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The Foundation Gallery is an art gallery in New Orleans. Located in the Arts District of New Orleans, The Foundation Gallery showcases the work of emerging and mid-career artists. Through The Heymann Foundation, the gallery aims to support local and national non-profits and 20% of the proceeds from each sale are donated. 

Upcoming Events

November 6 through 29, 2015  - Florida Room: Jessica Bizer                                                     Opening Reception November 6, 2015                                                                                                       25% of  proceeds to benefit Cafe Hope

December 4 through 31, 2015 - Around, Again: Ian Kramar and Sean IssoFresh Hernandez    Opening Reception December 4th, 2015                                                                                                       25% of proceeds to benefit DiscoveryFestNOLA  

December 17th 7 - 9pm - Arts an Activism Fundraiser for DiscoveryFestNOLA

Currently at The Foundation Gallery

Jessica Bizer

         FLORIDA ROOM           

                        November 6 through November 29th, 2015                                                Opening Reception November 6, 2015                                                  6 - 10pm                        

25% of proceeds to benefit 

The Foundation Gallery is thrilled to host Jessica Bizer’s Florida Room. The exhibition will run from November 6th through November 29th with an opening reception on November 6th from 6 – 10pm. 25% of proceeds from the show, as well as the gallery shop, will be donated to Café Hope, a nonprofit culinary arts and life skills program serving young adults ages 17-24 throughout Marrero and the West-Bank.

About Florida Room

“My work depicts multi-layered atmospheres that contain deviating, often contradicting identities-- environments in which fantastical expression collides with a flat and literal sensibility.  This interaction creates idealized settings that are simultaneously harmonious, unstable and often absurd.

My exhibition at the Foundation Gallery is inspired by the term, "Florida Room", a regional name for a semi-permanent room constructed from an enclosed porch or garage.  Such a room is intended to be a site for relaxation and recreation.  I was born and raised in Florida, and I am inspired by the mixed of identity of such spaces.  Like its architectural namesake, Florida Room is a portal for accessing idealized, yet improvised space.”

About the Artist

Jessica Bizer is a painter and installation artist who lives and works in New Orleans. She is a founding member of the Good Children Gallery, a collective in the Bywater neighborhood.  Among her recent exhibitions are a solo show at The Basement DTSP, in St. Petersburg, FL and group exhibitions in Brooklyn, New Orleans and Tampa, Florida.  Her work has appeared in Nylon magazine, Hyperallergic, and on National Public Radio's Studio 360.  She has paintings in the collection of the Bennetton Corporation and the New Orleans Museum of Art.  Bizer is a 2009 graduate of the Master of Fine Arts program at the University of New Orleans.

The gallery will host an Arts and Activism Fundraiser to benefit Café Hope on November 19th from 7 – 9pm. The event will include an artist talk from Jessica Bizer, refreshments, and a small menu provided by Café Hope.

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